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Amonyum Klorür

Chemical formula : NH 4 Cl Molecular Weight : 53 .49 Properties:KM
Colorless crystal or white crystal powder. I t  dissolves in water easily, in glycerin and l i ttle solve in  alcohol, not  solve in acetone.


Industrial grade: GB 2946-92

Inspection item Unit Standard
Ammonium chloride(as NH4Cl) %Min 99.5
Moisture %Max 0.5
Iron %Max 0.0005
Burnt Loss %Max 0.40
Heavy Metal(As Pb) %Max 0.0005
Sulfate %Max 0.02


Its principal usage is in mining, tannery and fert i l izer. I t is also extensively employed as a constituent of dyeing, electro- bath and soldering f luxes. Also i t is used in galvanizing, tinning, medicine, candle making, adhesive, chromizing and precision casting and producing dry and storage batteries and other ammonium salt. Feed grade can be used to  take  precautions against bird Flu.