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Çinko Oksit


DDC-ZINOX is a pure Zinc Oxide used as hydrogen sul- phide (H S) scavenger in all types of water-base fluids and particularly in oil-base drilling fluids.

Typical Properties

Appearance         : White powder
Specific Gravity    : 5.6
Zinc Content      : > 80%

Features and Benefits

DDC-ZINOX is a high surface area, fine zinc oxide compound utilized as a hydrogen sulphide scavenger in all types of drilling fluids, but especially recommend- ed for use in oil-base  fluids.
DDC-ZINOX consists of higher zinc more than 80% by weight compared to other sources of zinc, such as zinc carbonate, zinc sulfate or zinc chromate.
DDC-ZINOX reacts with hydrogen sulphide to form  in soluble zinc sulfide in both water and oil as  follows.

Zn2+ + HS- + OH- → ZnS ↓ +  H2O

Zn2+ + S2- → ZnS  ↓


DDC-ZINOX may upset rheological properties of drill- ing fluids due to flocculation at pH levels above 11.5 where zinc becomes more soluble. This is a particular concern in non-dispersed fluids which can not effec- tively tolerate a pH of 10.5 or greater. Therefore, non- dispersed fluids should be dispersed prior to drilling known hydrogen sulfide zones. Pilot tests should be made to avoid problems in all  cases.
Because of its high surface area DDC-ZINOX may in- crease the viscosity of drilling fluids when used in high concentrations. If the fluids containing DDC-ZINOX is centrifuged, large amount of DDC-ZINOX is discarded. Supplementary treatment is needed to  compensate this loss.
Zinc may be toxic in certain environmental bioassay tests. This should be evaluated prior to using zinc con- taining scavengers.


The level of treatment is dependent on the size of hy- drogen sulphide intrusion in to the system. When using DDC-ZINOX to treat  H S contamination:

This reaction is irreversible in environments with a  pH

DDC-ZINOX (lb/bbl) = 0.00091 × F

× [S2-] (mg/l)

of 3 or greater. This ensures a permanent removal    of

H S under normal wellbore conditions.

DDC-ZINOX is thermally stable up to temperatures   of
204 °C (400 °F).

DDC-ZINOX functions well in a wide range of  salinity.


DDC-ZINOX is used as a H S scavenger in all types of water-base drilling, workover and completion fluids re- gardless of system pH. DDC-ZINOX is particularly rec- ommended for use in oil-base drilling fluids.

Recommended pretreatment levels are from 1 to 2 lb/bbl. Subsequent treatment should start at 1 lb/bbl per 1,100 mg/l sulfides. DDC-ZINOX should be added through mud hopper.


DDC-ZINOX is supplied in 25 kg (55 lb) multi-wall pa- per sacks.