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Fixed Corbon 70%,80%,85%
Particle Size 200 mesh
Moisture 1-2%
Packing 25kg bag or 1ton big-bag

Graphite Applicationsor
Melting and crucible, casting, pencil, carbon brushes in electrical motor and genetator, iron and steel industry in metallurgy, dry bettery powder, composite parts, aircraft jet engine part, refractory brick and material, casting paint, horizontal retort, stone paint eletrode, piston ring thrust bearing, journal bearing, vane, coating, shaft, brake lining, brake pad, fuel cell, gasket, foil, seal, computer circuit board, sport equipment, powder metal, fire retardant, welding, plastic additives, electro- typing heat changer, carbon raiser, lubricant, chemical, seed and fertilizer coating, rüşt remover, electrical and mechenical applications.