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Sodyum Bikarbonat

Sodium Bicarbonate Analysis

Powder consisted of White, opaque tiny manoclinic crystals or very tiny crystals. A light alkali material easily disslved in water which yields clear and colorless in solution. Main compound is Sodium Bicarbonate.

Standard No: Technical Sodium Bicarbonate used in industry, is appropriate for TS 3050 Standard .

Chemical Specifications:
Sodium Bicarbonate, NaHCO3 (%) 99.10 min.
Sodium Carbonate, Na2HCO3 (%) 0.70 max.
Chloride, Ion CI(ppm) 300 max.
Iron, Fe+3 (ppm) 40 max.
Sulphate, SO4 (ppm) 400 max.
Insoluble matter in water (ppm) 1000max.
pH(1 % solution) 8.8 max.

Physical Specifications:
Structure of the Material :Free flowing tiny crystals
Screen Analysis :Over 0.600mm screnn analysis amount is negligible

In block bottom laminated polyproplene (PP) bags of 50 kgs each.
Paletized and shrink-wrapped 100*or 1250 kgs each, containing 50 kgs block-bottom PP bags
In polypropylene big bags with in liner and four loops, 1000 kgs each

According to TS 3050 and Soda Snayi AŞ.Plant REFINED SODIUM BICARBONATE Control (analysis) Instruction.

Leather, detergent, chemical industries, textile