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Deep Drilling Chemicals Ltd. (DDC) has, since 2009, been engaging in hot water and oil drilling activities as both a producer and supplier. Back in 2009, our company was operating under the name Samsa Company (SMS) registered in Northern Iraq. We changed our company name in early 2010 to Deep Drilling Chemicals Ltd. (DDC). We have still been maintaining our domestic and overseas activities under the name DDC Ltd.

Our company supplies all kinds of drilling additives and chemicals to all of its domestic and international customers. It was in 2011 when DDC started to play an active role not only in product supply but also in production stages in order to develop and manufacture products to meet the needs of the sector.


» Weighting Agents
» Viscosifiers
» Lost Circulation Materials
» Thinners
» Salts
» Lubricants
» Well Control Products
» Alkalinity and Hardness Control
» Fluid Loss Reducer
» Defoamers
» Corrision Inhibitor
» Bactericides

What We Do ?

Deep Drilling Chemicals ( DDC ) is operating in oil drilling industry as a supplier and manufacturer since 2009. In 2009, we used Samsa Company ( SMS ) name which is registered in Northern Iraq.



Regular and planned purchases for our customers in northern Iraq, Turkey, mainly China, India, direct import from countries like Jordan are also available. A ban on multi-national clients...


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Address: Bağdat Cad. Cami Sk. Lokman İş Merkezi No:2 Da: 22-23 Küçükyalı - İstanbul
Phone: 0 216 369 0214 - Fax: 0 216 369 0215
E-mail: info@ddc-ltd.com