Scope of Application : NEU LUBE 7035 is an oil based lubricant / cutting oil made specifically for the mineral exploration industry. Primary advantage of the product is to provide exceptional lubrication performance. A secondary benefit is included, a concentrated cutting oil to help improve penetration rates and prolong wear of the cutting surfaces. NEU LUBE 7035 forms a protective coating on the metal surfaces. It is a high active and economical product that disperses rapidly into most water conditions. NEU LUBE 7035 will reduce torque and frictional drag on the drill rods, minimizes wear on the drill string and protect the rods, barrel and inner tubes. Benefits are improved cutting actions of the bit and reamer. NEU LUBE 7035 can be used in surface and underground mining operations.

Typical Properties :
Appearance : Clear, Light Yellow
pH (5% solution) : ~7.0
Density (20°C) : 0,85 ± 0,05 g/cm3
Miscibility in water : Not miscible in water at any ratio
Effect on Environment: Please check material safety data sheet of the product
Packaging: 200 Liter Drums.