1. Identification of the substance/preparation and company
Trade name


2. Composition/information on ingredients
Chemical characterization
Carboxymethylated Carbohydrate

3. Hazards identifications
None known

4. First aid measures
First aid measures / inhalation
sufficient ventilation with fresh air

First aid measures / swallowing
dilute with water

First aid measures/ eye contact
S 25: avoid contact with eyes

First aid measures/ skin contact
S 24: avoid contact with skin, rinse immediately
with water

Medical information
product contains max.1,8% sodium hydroxide, irritant

5. Fire-fighting measures
Suitable extinghuising media
all about, water gives glue formation

Extinghuising media that should not be used

Special exposure hazards arising from
the substance or preparation itself,
combustion products or resulting gases
CO/CO2 by combustion

Special protective equipment for firefighters
Protective cloth
Breathing apparatus

6. Accidental release measures
Personal precautions
avoid contact with skin, defatty behaviour

Environmental precautions
keep away from river, high solubility
high COD/BOD-value

Methods for cleaning
Collect in dry state for normal disposal

7. Handling and storage
Handling                             avoid dusting conditions
S 16: keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking

Storage                               S 7/8: keep container tightly closed and dry
Keep away from humidity, water

8. Exposure Controls/personal protection
Respiratory protection
S 22: do not breathe dust

Hand protection
S 37: wear suitable gloves

Eye protection
S 39: wear eye/face protection

Industrial hygiene
avoid contact with the product

9. Physical and chemical properties
Appearance and relevant safety data
Form                                    fine, free flowing coarse powder
Colour                                  yellow-white
Odour                                  special
pH-value                             9,0 - 12,0
Bulk density                       600 - 750 g/l                       at 20°C
Solubility                             completely                        at 20°C
completely                        at 80°C
Viscosity                              800 - 1600 mPa.s
Solvent content               12,0 - 16,0 %
Solvent disposal              drying
Ignition quality                                fine dust
Ignition temp                    440°C.                                  (Godbart-Geenwald)
Explosions limits LEG:    60 gm2

10. Stability and reactivity
Protect against                                S 16: keep away from sources of ignition-no smoking
Hazardous reactions
none, keep away from water
Hazardous decomposition products

11. Toxicological information
by proper handling and usage according to the procedures
the product will no cause any reactions that
can cause acute toxicity hazards.

12. Ecological information
Methodology                                   OECD-test (302 B)
Analytical method                          decrease from COD/TOC
Elimination rate                               above 80% after seven days
Toxicity in water                              solutions of product gives high COD/BOD-values
Certification                                      good biological degradation
COD-value                                         1250                      mg O2/g product
BOD-value                                         550                        mg O2/g product

13. Advise on disposal
Disposal no. 19901, starch mud
Normal disposal or combustion
Packaging: paper bags used for paper recycling, no cleaning necessary

14. Transport information
The product does not constitute a hazardous substance
in national/international road, rail, sea and air transport

15. Regulatory information
The product does not require a hazard warning label
in accordance with EC directives on dangerous substances

16. Other informations
These data are based on our present knowledge.
However, they shall not constitute a guarantee
for any specific product features and shall
not establish a legal valid relationship.